Day 3: Bobble

My movement seemed closer to that of a bobble head than a person communicating their agreement when I nodded, spastically and endlessly.


Introduction: My Life as a Writer

Hi! Looks like you’ve stumbled upon my blog. 

I think I owe to everyone reading this an explanation of what I’m aiming for this blog to be, because it’s not exactly self-explanatory. My plan is not to take a topic and write five hundred words or something about it every day. Instead, I will be posting mostly small paragraphs or sentences.

This is the idea that I have come up with. Starting when I was sixteen, I have been collecting my thoughts or random pieces of my writing. Little poems, quips, theological musings, or fictional blurbs of different types. That is what I aim to post here. I acknowledge that it’s a rather unorthodox blog idea, but the reason I want to do this is because it’s something I think I’ll enjoy and it’s a manageable bit of reading for a person who wants to pop in every so often and see what I’ve written.

That said, here’s my blog: Another Crazy Dog Girl. Welcome and enjoy!