Day 160: Deserve

If someone mean yells at me . . . they’re just mean.
If someone nice yells at me . . . then I deserve it.


Day 159: Dangerous

You don’t get over a thing like this. I’d always known that, but now I found myself learning it over and over again, one day at a time. You never get over it, but as the months pass, the pain lessens, the memories don’t hurt so much to recall, and you start to adapt a new reality. A new reality where the hole becomes webbed over very slowly, so that one day you wake up and suddenly realize that you’ve almost forgotten. It was a kind reality, where I didn’t live in pain every day, but it was a dangerous one, too, in such a way that I thought one day I might forget him altogether.

Day 152: Cruel

How cruel is our world that when we find ourselves crying over being told we are worthless and a waste of space, we tell ourselves to stop being a baby and making a big deal over trivial matters . . . because everyone has been told that.